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Trail Mix Use


 Typical installation using our DU-Snap.


 Close up showing internal baffle
and lower catch chamber.
A unique design for treat dispensers, our new Trail Mix Dispenser is an entertaining challenge to any primate. The novel internal baffle and plunger system limits treat dispensing, ensuring long enrichment time for a small amount of treats. The lower catch chamber catches dispensed treats allowing the primate then to forage the treats through two finger-access holes providing yet an additional challenge as well as providing for few lost treats. Our new spring-latching system provides a monkey-proof opening, yet allows easy and quick access with no special tools for the caretaker to refill. Complete removal of lid ensures easy and complete cleaning, either on cage or through cage washer. Available with either our proven DU-Snap for easy cage swaps, or our new Bar-Loc Cage Connector for semi-permanent installations. Made entirely out of polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel hardware, our Trail Mix Dispenser can be cleaned in your cage washer with no added chemicals, or autoclaved with no fear of degrading. 



Trail Mix Open

Our new Spring-latching System

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Trail Mix Dispenser










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