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Swivel keeps monkey from twisting
off mirrors installed within the cage.

Made from 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel, our mirrors will withstand anything the monkey can give them. Hang it on either the inside or outside of the cage. Three models are available, one with our easy to use DU-Snap. The other two models have a stainless steel swivel, one with our
DU-Snap for quick cage-to-cage changes, the other with our Bar-Loc for semi-permanent installations. Both models with the swivel prevent the monkey from twisting the mirror off the cage. Our S.S. Mirror is the lowest price stainless steel mirror on the market. The mirror is 4"x 4" square. Quick-Link connectors are available upon request.

Model #





S.S. Mirror w/ DU-Snap





S.S. Mirror w/ Swivel & DU-Snap





S.S. Mirror w/ Swivel & Bar-Loc




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