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Chime Roller  

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All-around view of Chime Roller.


Made with a fully enclosed set of stainless steel chiming rods and colorful acrylic hammer inside a transparent polycarbonate rotating drum, mounted to the cage with stainless steel hardware. Four models are available, one with our easy-to-use DU-Snap. Other model variations include our Bar-Loc for semi-permanent installations and Quick Link connectors of different size.

The Chime Roller offers the end to intense white noise rattles in labs. As the Chime Roller is played with, the hammer striking the chiming rods gives off a musical tinkling. It is a pleasant and soothing to the ordinary lab sounds.

The device requires no treats to keep primates engaged.


Chime Roller on Cage Chime Roller shown in suggested position.
Chime Roller on Cage 02 Monkey-eye view.
Sizing-Chime Roller

Model #





Chime Roller w/ DU-Snap





Chime Roller w/ Bar-Loc



Chime Roller w/ 1/8" Quick Link


Chime Roller w/ 3/16" Quick Link




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