Quarter Turn Cage Lock

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Quarter Turn on Cage


The Quarter Turn Cage Lock, made entirely of stainless steel, is the solution for safety, convenience and human security. You can open this lock in less than 5 seconds using only our Taper Key. When installed on the cage, this lock cannot be opened without the key, guaranteeing that your monkeys stay in and unauthorized personnel stay out. The Taper Key is inexpensive and very easy to use. No key indexing needed: simply insert, give a quarter turn clockwise and push the shackle out of engagement. Because it is not attached to the cage, the Quarter Turn Cage Lock can quickly follow difficult-to-contain monkeys when changing cages.

 Quarter Turn in Operation
  Quarter Turn Cage Lock shown in operation.
Taper Key
  Taper Key.
Quarter Turn Adaptor
  Quarter Turn Cage Lock with
Cage Lock Adaptor.
Quarter Turn

 Model #

Product Name



BQT-03A Quarter Turn Cage Lock, Small $29.40


BQT-01A Quarter Turn Cage Lock, Medium $29.40
BQT-02A Quarter Turn Cage Lock, Large $31.40


Taper Key





  Adaptor, Pad Lock, 3/16" rod





  Adaptor, Pad Lock, 1/4" rod




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