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  Hasp-Loc on Cage   Hasp-Loc Demonstration


The Hasp-Loc, made entirely of polycarbonate and stainless steel, is the easiest and fastest monkey secure cage lock available for small apertures. The Hasp-Loc serves also as a fast and secure alternate to Spring Snaps and Quick Links for enrichment devices. You can open this lock in less than 5 seconds using our Pin-Key or any other small diameter object such as a bent paper clip. When installed on the cage, this lock cannot be opened without a tool, guaranteeing that your monkeys and enrichment devices stay put. The Pin-Key is inexpensive enough that everyone in your lab can have one. Because it is not attached to the cage, the Hasp-Loc Cage Lock can quickly follow enrichment devices and difficult-to-contain monkeys when changing cages.



 Hasp-Loc Still
  Hasp-Loc shown locked.


 Hasp-Loc Operation


Operation of Hasp-Loc.

Hasp-Loc Chain on Cage   Hasp-Loc shown attaching chain to cage.
Hasp-Loc Sizing


 Model #
Product Name
BHL-01A Hasp-Loc Cage Lock $14.90



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