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This completely stainless steel lock is the easiest and fastest monkey secure cage lock available. You can open this lock in less than 5 seconds using our Pin-Key or any other small diameter object such as a bent paper clip. Without a key, this lock cannot be opened, guaranteeing that your monkeys stay put. The Pin-Key is inexpensive enough that everyone in your lab can have one.

The Grip-Loc is distinguished from the Pin-Loc, Any-Key and other cage locks in its unique scissor-action. There is no fishing of a "U"-shaped shackle around cage bars with the Grip-Loc, reducing caretaker exposure to caged primates. Simply slip the Grip-Loc jaws over the cage bars, depress the plunger, and snap the jaws closed.

Another handy feature of the Grip-Loc is the through-holes. These holes allow a cable tie or other device to be installed in the Grip-Loc in order to make tampering evident.

The Grip-Loc has no sharp edges or cables to become frayed and prick either the animal or caretaker. Because it is not attached to the cage, the Grip-Loc Cage Lock can quickly follow difficult-to-contain monkeys when changing cages. The Grip-Loc is the lock to buy to keep your monkeys in. The Pro-Loc for Secure-Key is the cage lock to buy if you want to keep unauthorized personnel out.



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