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No longer get locked out due to the elusive cage key.
Any-Key Cage Lock can be opened with any key, pen or other narrow object.

Made entirely of high corrosion-resistant stainless steel,
Any-Key Cage Lock makes washing and sanitation simple. No loose parts means no parts to lose. Autoclavable.

Any-Key Cage Lock has no sharp edges or cables to become frayed and prick either the animal or caretaker. The proven design of
Any-Key Cage Lock keeps animals safely contained. Any-Key Cage Lock can be used on all typical animal caging and also where padlock style locks are required. Because it is not attached to the cage, the
Any-Key Cage Lock can quickly follow difficult-to-contain monkeys when changing cages. If security against unauthorized entry is a concern, the Pro-Loc is the cage lock to consider.

Also, available is our Cage Lock Adaptor to allow the
Any-Key Cage Lock to be used on latches that require a smaller shackle than the Any-Key Cage Lock’s 5/16" diameter. The Adaptor also works great on difficult to lock cage doors and bars. The Cage Lock Adaptor is available in two sizes: 1/4" and 3/16" rod diameters.



 Any-Key with No Key
  Any-Key Cage Lock.
Pad Lock Adaptor   Pad Lock Adaptor
shown with
Pin-Loc Cage Lock.
Any-Key Sizes


 Model #
 Any-Key Cage Lock
Any-Key Cage Lock, Small Shackle
Any-Key Cage Lock, Medium Shackle
Any-Key Cage Lock, Large Shackle
Adaptor, Pad Lock, 3/16" rod
Adaptor, Pad Lock, 1/4" rod



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