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B.E.M. manufactures and markets a complete line of primate enrichment devices.
Additionally, we offer stainless steel cage padlocks designed specifically for primate containment.

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30-day Trial Chime Roller in Operation
Chime Roller Thumb
Don't rattle when you can chime!
  Quarter Turn in Operation
Quarter Turn Cage Lock on Cage
New Product
Convenient and Human Secure!!!
30-day Trial Hasp-Loc Operation
Hasp-Loc on Cage
1/8" diameter shackle to latch small apertures. Quick on-and-off for enrichment devices.
Grip-Loc Cage Lock
30 Day Trial Grip-Loc Gif
Grip-Loc Still
New Product Flasher
The scissor action of the Grip-Loc makes this the fastest and easiest cage lock to install and remove on the market.


30-Day Trial Samples:
Our company is unique in our industry as we offer all of our products on a 30-day trial program. Try any of our products in your lab, on your cages, with your monkeys. If it does not work out, return it for no other obligation. Otherwise, please arrange payment, or wait for our invoice.
30-day Trial
We are always pleased to receive any comments or suggestions from our customers. Although it is a great pleasure to receive a compliment, it is only by receiving criticism that we can improve our product line.
Please let us know what you think.
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